Focus & Scop

The scopes of the published articles in prioritized order are:

  • Islamic Economics and Contemporary Issues
  • Sharia finance (sharia investment, global sukuk, Islamic index)
  • Islamic financial institutions (sharia koperasi, sharia banking, baitul maal wa tamwil).
  • Sacrificial economics (shadaqawakaf, other Islamic philanthropies).
  • Muslim lifestyle identities (sunna fashion, hijab styles, sharia dating).
  • Creative economics (women empowerment, indigenous economics, pesantren business).
  • Economic thinkers (Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia).
  • New entrepreneurship (start-up, social entrepreneurship, green economics).
  • Islamic Financial Technology (e-payment, mobile banking, digital money).
  • Market Islam (shopping cultures, moral economy, corporate Islam, religion as brands).
  • Politics of space (sub-urban Islam, sharia cemetery, halal tourism, pilgrimage).